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GE Highlights Innovative Technology for the Oil & Gas Sector at Turbomachinery Symposium

24 September 2012
GE Highlights Innovative Technology for the Oil & Gas Sector at Turbomachinery Symposium

  • GE Oil & Gas Announces New Floating LNG Project in Malaysia
  • Micro LNG, ORegen Waste Heat Recovery System, and OptiComp Among Featured Solutions
  • Power Conversion Business Highlights Expertise for the Gas Sector

HOUSTON, TEXAS—September 24, 2012— GE (NYSE:GE), which continues to develop and deploy new technology to help customers meet their most difficult challenges, will highlight its latest offerings for the global oil and gas sector at Turbomachinery Symposium 2012, being held in Houston Sept. 24-27.

Among the show highlights, GE Oil & Gas, a leading supplier of turbomachinery for the oil and gas industry, is announcing it will supply a gas turbine-driven compressor train to Malaysian national oil and gas company PETRONAS for a floating LNG facility being developed off the coast of Malaysia. (For details, see separate press release)

On the technology front, GE Oil & Gas is showcasing these products:

Micro LNG: GE Oil & Gas has developed Micro LNG, an integrated plant that meets the small-scale LNG requirements of powering remote industrial and residential locations and fueling motor vehicles. Producing in the range of 50 to 150 k/tons per year of LNG, GE’s Micro LNG plants are simple to install, operate and maintain and are customized to meet specific customer and site requirements.

ORegen™ waste heat recovery system: This innovative technology enables a gas turbine to produce extra power without any additional emissions or fuel consumption, and no water use. It takes gas turbine exhaust gas that otherwise would be wasted and turns it into green electricity for use on the grid. This additional power is produced without the need to burn any additional fuel gas and without using cooling water.

Integrated Compressor Line (ICL) technology: ICL is a fully integrated system that incorporates a high-speed electric motor drive and a centrifugal compressor in a single sealed casing. Because it lacks a combustion engine, uses oil-free active magnetic bearings and operates within a completely sealed case, the unit produces no direct CO2 emissions and leaks no methane into the atmosphere – balancing productivity and environmental concerns.

Opticomp: This integrated turbine and compressor control solution features enhanced control algorithms, improved diagnostics, better load-balancing algorithms and more effective use of recycle valves, the new control enhances the reliability and fully automatic operation of compressor trains, regardless of operating conditions. Typical applications include power generation, oil & gas and the process sectors.

Blue-C subsea compressor: This is the world’s first subsea compressor built in a fully marinized version. Co-developed by GE and Aker Solutions for deployment in the Ormen Lange natural gas field on the Norwegian continental shelf, it is designed for unattended operation at more than 2,950 feet below sea level with horsepower up to 15 megawatts.

MS 5002E gas turbine
: The MS 5002E technology is an upgraded version of GE’s MS5002 product line, and it offers high efficiency, low emissions and a proven service life to customers. The product line has reached more than 16 million operating hours worldwide.

GE also announced that its LM6000-PF mechanical drive aeroderivative gas turbine recently qualified for ecomagination certification. Ecomagination is GE’s commitment to provide innovative solutions that maximize resources and drive efficiencies. The LM6000-PF is designed to operate as the driver for refrigeration compressors in floating and onshore LNG plants. Its high efficiency enables lower fuel consumption, leading to fuel costs savings and lower emissions for turbine operators.

Power Conversion, a unit of GE Energy Management, is highlighting its solutions for the gas industry, from extraction to storage. The business offers offshore, high-speed direct drive and transformer-less solutions; subsea solutions based on high-speed and integrated direct-drive experience; high reliability systems for compressor trains; and extensive experience in high-power systems.

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