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I/ITSEC: Live bullets used for training

General Dynamics is showcasing the Advanced Live Combat Training System (ALCTA) at I/ITSEC in Orlando that uses live bullets in a training environment. 

‘The main concept is that you are really firing at a human, rather than at wood or a piece of metal with a laser,’ said Bob Pricone, VP for strategic planning and business development at General Dynamics. 

‘This is also unique in the fact that you use live rounds, although here at I/ITSEC we are using rubber bullets for the demonstrations.’ 

ALCTA works by providing the trainee with a mirrored screen through which they are able to see a human participant on the other side, the trainee is then tasked with defusing the situation before firing shots.

The new system has been developed to provide realism in live-fire training scenarios, the training system uses unmodified duty weapons, ammunition and live human actors. 

‘We have had interest in the system from both US Law enforcement and US Army Special forces,’ Pricone continued, ‘we are also willing to export the technology and have spoken to delegates from Saudi Arabia here at the show.’ 

The company is also looking to speak with UK MoD officials about the product, however, no sales have been made yet. 

The system is scalable and portable and fits with army requirements to achieve training readiness at home stations at a price that is cost effective. 

If shots are fired the scenario has all of the video, audio and meta data are all recorded for immediate after action review.