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The UVID –Unmanned Vehicles Israel Defense 2013 is an Israel Defense & Op-Team-UM initiative, whose purpose is to organize a strategic perspective of the field of unmanned air, sea, and ground systems.

It is also aimed at initiating a dialogue and constructing a knowledge base for the community with respect to force/capacity buildup and operational aspects of this revolutionary field. The conference will bring together key figures from Israel and around the world who will present concepts, challenges, lessons learned, insights, marketing ideas, and groundbreaking achievements, while addressing future development trends and requirements.

UVID 2012 was extremely successful and attracted more than 1,000 participants from 18 countries and 40 exhibitors. We believe that the conference inaugurated a tradition of an annual conference, for the entire Unmanned Systems community.
The theme for UVID 2013 is "From Connectivity to Synergy". Our goal is to promote a holistic and integrated approach for the full spectrum of Unmanned Systems (Air, Sea, Ground, Underground and space). UVID 2013 will serve as a platform for dialog and a hub for shared knowledge, bringing together the entire US community.

The conference will take place on November 7th, 2013, at the "Avenue" conference center, (in "Airport City" business center), near Ben Gurion Airport ("Airport City") - Israel.

The event will provide an insight to valuable views of policy makers, decision makers, industry leaders, and representatives of relevant institutions. The conference is an opportunity for participants to learn and share their experience, develop professional relationships, meet and exchange ideas and information, establish contacts and cooperation at various levels, develop academia, promote their professional careers, expand business networks, and learn of present and future trends. It is also a unique opportunity for decision makers, developers, managers, and users to meet a variety of colleagues including policy makers, market leaders, and professionals in the relevant fields, while being able to locate those most compatible to their needs.