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Free what?

So Australia and China have agreed to a free trade-deal.

It will be interesting to see if this is free trade or fair trade.

True, free trade means that the nation that pays its workers more does not really mind competing with slave wages. Will this be an Australian version of NAFTA and that “giant sucking sound”?

In today’s The Australilan: "Xi Jinping came bearing gifts, Barack Obama just gave us grief".

Obama, gave us nutty platitude and scare-mongering re: The Great Global Warming Swindle.

So what does this mean for Defence? Well, if we don’t bother China too much, maybe we can give the Defence budget (and its 170-some flag ranks) a haircut of billions.

Also, it wouldn’t hurt buying Chinese weapon systems across the whole spectrum of capability.

Many claim the communists are a threat (and something that should be watched) but the direct mostly U.S.- led take over of our Defence industry is just as serious a threat.

And at least the Chinese weapons will cost less and in many more reliable.

A lot to think about how this will affect Australia.

But I can tell you, off-shoring huge amounts of billions to U.S-foreign interests, does not improve our Defence posture.